Thursday, May 13, 2010

Peacock eyes

Here is a dramatic look for a night out. I wore this for halloween when I dressed like a peacock but it could also be fun for going out.
Heres what I used:
-Inner corner, blended toward the middle a bit(top and bottom): shimmery gold
-Middle of eye(top and bottom): turquoise                   
-Outer corner(top and bottom) and in the crease: dark blue, plus a bit of purple blended on top edge of dark blue that is in the crease.
- Lightly shimmery white/neutral highlight blended under brow
 Like always, I made the eyeliner on top gradually thicker on the outer corner. This gives the eye a bit of a cat eye look and lifts up the outer corner a little.
On the bottom I put a little bit of liner on the outer corner and made sure to blend it with the dark shadow, then I put the liner on the inner rim to make it even more dramatic.


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