Friday, November 19, 2010

Arabic / Kim Kardashian double-winged liner eye makeup

Here is a dramatic Arabic look that I have seen pictures of Kim Kardasian wearing something like it and it would be great for a night out.
Always put the shadow base on first, all over top and thin line on bottom. Next put the medium shade on the inner three quarters of eyelid, just up to the crease and also thin line under eye on inner half. Next with a blender brush you put the dark brown in the crease and outer corner and make sure its very well blended. Then you take a white eye liner and put some on the inner corner of the eye this really brightens up the eye and really makes you look wide awake) and then take an ivory shadow and blend it into the white to make sure its very well blended, also then take the ivory and blend it under the eyebrow and itno the dark brown. Also to make it even more dramatic use a blender brush and put some black shadow n the outer corner.
 For the liner you make it very thin on the inner corner and then start making it thicker just after the pupil (different on different peoples eyes but usually around the same spot.) Make sure it slants up on the outer corner and put some white pencil liner under so that you will really see the two black lines separated. With a small angle brush blend black shadow on the edge of the liner so its not a harsh line. Under the eye put the same black liner right under the lash line from right under the pupil to just before the other line ends, never touching the other liner. With the dark brown shadow and a small angle brush blend the edge of the bottom liner so it doesnt look too harsh. On the outer corner of my eyes i used fake lashes, just on the outer corner though so it didnt look too fake.
Just like with all makeup looks, its always best to stay in the same colour family with all your makeup so nothing clashes. Since the shadows are all warm i made sure to keep my blush and lip gloss warm aswell. It would kind of clash if i used anything with a cooler tone, like something more purple.

Medium: Cream/beige colour
Crease: Cover Girl -Brown smolder, Cover Girl -Black
Highlight: Ivory
Liner: Maybelline creme liner blackest black


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