Friday, September 7, 2012

Smoky bright turquoise dark eye makeup

 Here is a different look for me, it's so much fun to go so bright!
For my eyes I actually started with the dark first so I could blend the shimmer into it better. Usually I put the medium shade on first, then blend the dark into the outer corner and crease, and then use the medium again to blend edges a bit more. After I blended the dark shade into the crease, outer corner and and bit under outer corner of eye, I blended the medium shade on inner half of eye lid and on top edge of dark shade to blend it better. Also put a thin line of medium shade under eye on inner half, blended into dark shade. Next I blended the highlight on the inner corner and under brow, blended  into dark shade.
    After I finished the eye shadow I used a gel liner with a black shadow on top and on edge to smooth it out and help it stay in place. Next step is mascara and I do go a little crazy with that! Hehe, I use a lot! I always curl my eye lashes a couple times for each eye and always use more than one mascara :D I find I get the best results that way, I get different great benefits from each one. Hehe, my secret is out now.

Here is what I used for the eyes:

Eye Primer -Merle Norman ~Auto shadow base
Medium -Lise Watier ~Folie Aqua (shimmer powder)
Dark -The Body Shop ~31 (peacock something...)
Highlight -Inner corner of eye, white eye pencil with Almay~Mother of Pearl shadow blended on top.
Highlight under brow -Almay ~Mother of Pearl
Liner -Maybelline gel liner ~Blackest Black with Black shadow using small angle brush
Mascaras -Maybelline ~Illegal length fiber extensions-black, Loreal ~Voluminous power collagen-blackest black, Maybelline ~Mega plush volum' express-blackest black WP
*Tip ~I like to use a waterproof mascara last to help set it and just in case I need a little help keeping it on better(tears or rain). I find that it doesn't dry out my lashes as much if the waterproof mascara isn't right on my lashes, other mascaras between. :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dont forget to be Awesome!

Makeup can help us feel beautiful and give us more confidence, so its always great to try new looks, but never forget to always try to be the best person you can be! :)
Beauty isn't just about looks, the most beautiful people I know are the most caring, loving, thoughtful and awesome! Being positive, optimistic, and helping others out can make you such a beautiful and awesome person! Kindness to others is the best because it makes other people feel great and it also makes you feel pretty awesome too! :)
So when makeup is all done and you're feeling great or even if you're not feeling %100, don't forget to be awesome because you never know how many people you could be helping, even just with kindness, and youll be showing people what a beautiful person you are! :D

Smoky bright purple eye shadow

 Here's a purple smoky look that is a bit different for me because it has the darker shade a lot further in than I usually go.
 I used a dark/bright purple on lid and blended up into the crease. I didn't go all the way in on the lid, left just a bit on the inner corner to blend a lighter shade. Next I used a lighter pink shadow on the inner corner and blended into the darker shade on the lid and blended it on the edge above crease too. I did the usual highlight with a white pencil on the inner corner and then a white shadow with a blending brush over white liner and blended under brows into the darker shade. Under the eye I just did a thin line of the light pink blended into highlight and a bit of the dark(purple) on outer corner with small angle brush. For the liner, I used a black gel liner with a thin angled liner brush. I made the liner pretty thin on the inner corner and thicker on the outer corner, like always :)
To make it more of a smoky look I put black shadow along the lash line to set the liner and keep it dark but next I put the dark/bright purple shadow on the edge of the liner to blend it together more and made it smokier :)
Next step is curling lashes and lots of mascara! Also, I did my brows first because without them my eyes are pretty much invisible. Brows always help to frame the eyes and help them stand out the most!

Here is the list of makeup used:
Eyeshadow base -Merle Norman, Auto Shadow Base
Dark Shadow -Bourjois, 17 Prune
Medium Shadow -Rimmel Stars, 159 Frivolity

Highlight Shadow -Almay, Mother of Pearl
Liner -Maybelline Gel Liner, Blackest Black + Black Shadow and Bourjois Prune
Brows -Rimmel Pro Brow Pencil, Hazel + Ardell Brow Defining Powder, Mink Brown
Face Cream/Primer -Garnier Skin Renew B.B. Cream, Light/Medium
Foundation -Quo Wet and Dry powder foundation, Soft Bisque
Bronzer -Rimmel Natural Bronzer, 22 Sun Bronze
Blush -Light pink (would like to use a bit of a cooler tone blush next time)
Lips -Victoria's Secret Beauty rush lip gloss, Passion fruit pop

Look at how green my eyes look with purple shadow! Other eye colors can use this look too but it will bring out green the best! :)


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