Monday, August 30, 2010

Light smokey eyes

In this look I used mostly all natural colours, the only one that wasn't really natural was the highlight on the inner corner and under the brow but you don't want that to look too fake under the brow so dont put it on too heavy there.
Heres the colours I used and where I used them:

Inner three quarters of eye lid up to crease: French vanilla
Outer quarter up to crease and in crease: Cappuccino
Just outer corner top: Black or dark grey
Outer corner on bottom: Thin line of waterproof black pencil liner in/just under lash line with Cappuccino shadow shaded on top
Inner half on bottom: French vanilla
Inner corner: White eye liner plus soft ivory highlight shadow over top to make it softer, or make the liner softer with a q-tip.
Under brow: Soft ivory highlight
Top liner: Make it thicker from the outer coloured part of your eye but make it get thicker gradually. Its nice to put a bit of black shadow on the edge of the liner with a small angle brush after to make it look like a softer line. Make sure the liner is very thin on the inner corner of the eye.
Brows: Soft brown pencil
Mascara: Black on top and bottom, plus fake lashes just on outer corner of eyes

Make sure your blush/bronzer doesn't go in any closer than a line drawn down from your pupil
Just under cheek bone and up to temple: Bronzer
Right along cheek bone but NOT on temple: Roseflower blush

Powder: merle norman mineral powder

Lips: Milk chocolate satin lip pencil


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