Saturday, April 19, 2014

Coconut oil ~Favorite natural product ever! SO many awesome uses :)

Hello again, Finally!
I'm so sorry it took me so long to get back on here!
Now that my computer is working great again and I got a new camera I'll finally be making more posts on here. :)
For my first post back I'll let you all know my very favorite eye makeup remover/night face moisturizer/body moisturizer/bath oil/massage oil/deodorant/moisturizing hair oil. I have been using coconut oil to replace so many chemical filled products for over a year now and the more I use it, the more I love it! I keep a smaller container of it in my washroom so I don't have to take that big container upstairs with me at night just to remove makeup, use as moisturizer, etc. Only a small amount is needed for most things so I don't even need to refill it very often.
I also use it to replace, or cut down on, butter and other less healthy oils for cooking and it doesn't just make food taste way better, I actually feel healthier. I keep the large container of it in the pantry for this.
Here's some tips for getting the best results with coconut oil:
* Eye makeup remover -I use waterproof mascara as a top coat and waterproof eyeliner daily so it can be very hard to find a makeup remover that actually works and isn't full of terrible ingredients I've never heard of before. My very favorite is coconut oil and its so easy to use. First I like to rinse my face and eyes with warm water to loosen the makeup, then I put a very small amount on my closed eyes and lightly rub it around my lashes. If I just try to wash it off with warm water after that it usually wont work that well, because of how much mascara I like to use :), so its best if I make a cotton pad damp with warm water(can put a little more coconut oil on pad after you wet it too) and rub my eyes lightly with that after, then I rinse eyes with warm water and work on cleaning the rest of my face with cleanser, dry it and always put toner on with cotton pad after. It may seem like a lot of little steps but its so quick, easy and healthy!
*Face moisturizer -Coconut oil has helped my skin so much in the last year! I have always had pretty sensitive, easily irritated skin that a lot of products just make way worse but coconut oil has fixed a lot of my skin problems. For a face moisturizer I only like to use it at night because it can look a little too oily for me in the day. I just use a small amount on the face and neck after cleanser and toner and it makes my skin feels so amazingly soft. In the morning I will either shower or rinse my face with warm water and use toner and it wont look oily at all during the day but still feels soft and looks more hydrated.
*Body moisturizer -This is pretty easy, not many special tips on how to use it here but anywhere you want to be more moisturized and make your skin healthier, just put coconut oil on it :) I have very dry skin and coconut oil has been to ultimate cure for that. I like to put it on my feet before bed or put it on before putting on cotton socks and I find that has helped me to have much softer, smoother skin. Its also great to put on after shaving legs or just anywhere skin is dry. I find it has also been very helpful for moisturizing my eczema on my hands, for me its been more helpful than prescription eczema cream.
*Massage oil -If you haven't tried coconut oil as a massage oil, you're really missing out! It feels, and smells amazing!! :)
*Bath oil -Coconut oil feels so wonderful to soak in the bath with, I also like to put Epsom salt in the bath and those together make having a bath so much better than just water or using products with lots of unhealthy, fake ingredients. Skin feels extra amazing after a bath like that but make sure tub isn't too slippery after, you really wouldn't want to forget about it and slip in the tub the next day! If it is very slippery, just do a quick scrub with a sponge/cloth and a bit of cleaner after, rinse and you'll be safe later. Totally worth it though :)
*Deodorant -This really shocked me how amazing it works! I have always needed to use clinical strength deodorant, which is not healthy at all, because I find I sweat a little too easily :s My husband says its all in my head, I don't sweat that much, but I get really uncomfortable because I can feel it. I read some things online about coconut oil doing the trick because its antibacterial so I decided to try and it has made such a huge difference. I melt a small amount of coconut oil on my hands by rubbing them together, then put under arms, let it soak in for a bit and then I use a small bit of a light deodorant on top sometimes. Some people can just use the oil and don't need to use any deodorant after but it helps me feel better and a lot less likely to sweat. Make sure it is set into the skin and not really wet anymore before getting dressed because you don't want to risk getting oil stains on clothing, that's why I put it on after the shower or soon after getting up so it can soak in better before I need to get dressed and ready. I find coconut oil wont make oil stains like other oils, it can wash out easier, but I still like to try not to risk it. Also another great way to use it is to mix a bit of baking soda with the coconut oil before putting it on or just rub a small amount of baking soda on after putting coconut oil on, this will help with sweat and smell.
*Moisturizing hair oil -Coconut oil can help dry frizzy hair a lot, just be very careful not to over do it, then it can just look greasy. My favorite ways to use it are either as a pre-treatment or like a leave in conditioner/shine treatment. For a pre treatment I will put a small amount in hair, mainly on ends, never on roots, then put hair in bun on top of my head and let sit overnight while I sleep or while I do things around the house. When I wash it out I make sure to wash it very well so it wont look greasy and then use my regular conditioner. It does make a big different for me with frizz! Also, for a leave in shine treatment you can put a VERY SMALL amount on hands and put on ends mainly and a bit through the middle but NOT ever on roots. Haha I had to put those words in capitals because its very important not to put on roots or too much through hair because of greasiness :p It really sucks when you make hair look overly greasy and need to either deal with it or shower again. If you put on a nice small amount though it can make hair look and feel so much healthier and shinier! :)
I hope all of my lovely followers learn some new tips they love from this post and let me know about any other great uses for coconut oil. I know there are sooooo much other uses but these are my favorite ones, Enjoy!
If anyone is wondering where to get good coconut oil at a good price, I get mine at Costco. You get way more for a much better price :)


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