Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dark purple night look

Here's a look that I think is good for going out on a date or just a night out with friends. The colours I used are really good for green eyes because it will make the green stand out a lot more since purple is opposite on the colour wheel. I used different shades of the same colour because its always best to not use different colours that will clash. I also made sure to keep the rest of my makeup in the same colour family, warm tones mixed with cool tones could just make your makeup look a little confusing. well anyways, here's what i used:
~medium shade(on the inner three quarters of eyelid, just up to crease of eye lid)-light lavender
~dark shade(on outer corner and blended into the crease)-dark purple
~highlight(under eyebrow blended into the dark in the crease and on the inner corner)-lightly shimmery white
~plus a bit of black shadow just on the outer corner

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