Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to make lashes look bold without false lashes!

I'm always asked what I do to make my lashes look longer and fuller so here's how I do my mascara every day :)

1) I use an eyelash curler at the roots and half way up lashes first and then use my first mascara, it's best if it has a growth serum in it.
2) Next, wait about a minute or two and then use a second mascara to build more volume and length. Make sure the second mascara is good at separating lashes and not clumping.
3) For the last mascara I like to use waterproof so it will stay on better and hold the curl better. Since its not right on my lashes I dont find that it dries out my lashes like waterproof mascara on bare lashes. I also like to make sure this mascara is good at separating lashes and not clumping. This can be the final step or if you want lashes to stand out even more, just one more step.
4) When lashes are FULLY dried, use the eyelash curler again. Just do not do it if lashes might still be a little wet though because the lashes might stick to curler and get torn out :( If lashes are fully dry though, it will curl them so much more and will stay so much longer! I would wait at least half an hour, just to be safe, or do it later when you want your eyes to look more awake. :)

Since using waterproof mascara you will need to use a good eye makeup remover. There are a couple different ones that I've used and liked but the one I like most is the Oil-free eye make-up remover from Neutrogena(purple/blue see through bottle).

Here are the mascaras I've been using for a while and really like:
1) Grow luscious plumping -Revlon (black)
2) Clump crusher by lashblast -Covergirl (very black)
3) Lashblast 24hr -Covergirl (very black) waterproof

Hope you all try this to help your lashes stand out more!

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