Friday, January 2, 2015

Natural smoky eye shadow, lighter and darker look, with lots of makeup tips! plus all the makeup used :)

Here is a natural brown smoky eye makeup look that is very easy to do. I think most women would like this look for going out in the evening but I like it for day and going out at night. You can also do a lighter version of this for day and then make it a little darker before going out.
In the pictures in the collage below I have the makeup I used and a couple pictures of the steps along the way. The first face picture below I have no makeup on at all to show the difference the makeup can make. In the second one I have the BB cream, some pressed powder on my brows/eyes, and my eyebrows filled in. The third and fourth pictures are of the final look with eyes a little darker and lips in a lighter, more natural shade. The fifth picture is of the eyes a bit lighter with darker, more bold lips. In the last three pictures, the makeup on my face is fully done with foundation powder, bronzer, blush and highlight.
Below the collage I will list the makeup I used, most is in pictures in the collage as well.
*B.B. Cream- Garnier, Skin Renew B.B. Cream -light/medium (In the summer I use the one for combination/oily skin because skin gets oilier and in the winter I use the normal one because it really helps my dry winter skin)
*Pressed powder- Physicians Formula, pressed powder -Translucent medium
*Powder foundation- Physicians Formula, Super B.B. foundation powder -light/medium (love this instead of liquid or cream foundation, it feels so much lighter on the skin)
*Bronzer- Annabelle, Perfect Bronzer -Sun kissed
*Blush- Pur, Marble powder -Pink
*Highlight- NYX, Illuminator -Narcissistic (on top of cheekbone, right above blush and bronzer, to bring out cheekbone more)
*Eye shadow base- NYX -esb02 (so important to use an eye shadow base because eye shadow will show up way more and stay in place way longer)
*Eye shadows- Wet n Wild, 738 comfort zone(set with 8 shadows, only used the left side)
       -Medium shade, second eye shadow down in picture (on inner three quarters of eyelid, just up to the crease and under bottom lashes on inner half of the eye. leave room on inner corner and outer corner on the bottom)
      -Dark shade, third eye shadow down in picture (on outer corner of eye top and bottom, and shading in the crease.)
      -Highlight, Prestige liner -white, on inner corner of eye with top shadow in picture softening the line. Top eye shadow in picture is also blended under brow into the top of dark shadow so there isn't a harsh exact line of dark shadow. Another trick to make that line blended more is to blend a bit of the medium shade in there too, not too much but just a bit to soften the dark and highlight together more.
       -Darker shade, bottom eye shadow in picture. when a more dramatic darker look is wanted you can put some of this even darker shade on outer corner and crease and it will intensify the look. Make sure to blend this in well, if it seems too harsh and not blending well you might have to blend the edges with the lighter dark shade a little(I had to do that a bit for this look).  
*Liner- Maybelline, Eyestudio gel liner -blackest black. After putting on the gel liner with a liner brush, put a black eye shadow on top and on edge of liner, slightly, with a small angle brush to soften the edge, make it look more even, and to set it so it stays in place better.
*Mascara- first I use Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping -blackest black, top and bottom, then I like to use L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly -blackest black, waterproof. I find that using a non-waterproof mascara first helps lashes to not dry out so bad and then using the waterproof on top helps to keep it curled longer and helps it stay better.
*Brows- Rimmel brow pencil -hazel, then Ardell brow powder -Mink brown. After pencil and powder, use a brow brush(or old mascara wand washed out very well) to soften the line and make sure it doesn't look too harsh and fake.
*Lighter lips- lighter more natural lip liner with NYX Megashine gloss -sugarpie
*Bold lips- brighter more bold reddish pink lip liner with NYX Megashine gloss -natural
On both looks I used a bit of the Illuminator(used on cheeks) and Victorias Secret beauty rush lip gloss -Crème femme in the middle of lips to make them look more plump.
I put the brushes I used with the products I used them with in the pictures so I hope that'll be easy to figure out. If anyone has any questions about this post, just send me a message and I will try to get back to you soon! :)

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