Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Purple smokey eyes -Wet n Wild kit -lust

In this look I used all cool tones to make sure everything blends together nicely. 
On my eyes I started with an eyeshadow base to make sure it will stay in place all day and to make the colours show up more too. Next I put the medium shade(4) on the inner three quarters of my eyelid, just up to and a little into the crease. Also put the medium(4) on the inner three quarters under the eye. For this look there are 2 dark shades I used, first I put the lighter one(5) on the outer corner and in the crease the put the colour in there and then I put the darker one(3) mainly on the outer corner to make it darker. Always remember to make sure to blend everything very well because it really doesnt turn out as well when you can see all the lines exactly. I also like to put a bit of liner just under the lash line on the bottom lashes and blend the dark shadows into that and the medium to make it all soft and smokey. If it looks too dark or goes too far in you can always wipe a little off and/or blend the medium into that again. Same goes for the top, if the dark gets too far on to the medium then just blend it away with more medium. Next you'll want to do your eye liner a little thicker on the outer corner and slanting up a bit and its good to take a small angle brush and put a small bit of black on the edge of your liner to make it look a little softer, dont make it any thicker on the inside though, you always want that to be a very thin line. Next you'll want to blend the highlight(1) under your brow and on the inner corner of your eye. Last step for your eyes is mascara and its always best to curl your lashes first and use a mascara that helps to make lashes thicker and longer.

Here is what I used:
Base-NYX~eyeshadow base pearl
Wet n wild set~lust c248...
Medium-4 (light pink)
Lighter dark-5 (purple)
Darker-3 (deep purple)
Highlight-1 (very light pink, almost white but not too white)
Liner-Maybelline~eyestudio creme liner with Covergirl~shimmering onyx shadow on the edge with small angle brush
Mascara: Revlon~Grow luscious (its my fav right now in waterproof and has been for a while) 

Lips: Light plum lip liner lining a bit outside my lips to make them look bigger and filling in my lips a little too so it doesnt look fake and then a light plum gloss on top and a bit of shimmer put just in the middle of my bottom lip to make it look even bigger.


  1. in your second picture. ur eye makeup looks very polished!

  2. Thank you so much! Hope it gave you some ideas for new makeup looks!



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