Friday, September 7, 2012

Smoky bright turquoise dark eye makeup

 Here is a different look for me, it's so much fun to go so bright!
For my eyes I actually started with the dark first so I could blend the shimmer into it better. Usually I put the medium shade on first, then blend the dark into the outer corner and crease, and then use the medium again to blend edges a bit more. After I blended the dark shade into the crease, outer corner and and bit under outer corner of eye, I blended the medium shade on inner half of eye lid and on top edge of dark shade to blend it better. Also put a thin line of medium shade under eye on inner half, blended into dark shade. Next I blended the highlight on the inner corner and under brow, blended  into dark shade.
    After I finished the eye shadow I used a gel liner with a black shadow on top and on edge to smooth it out and help it stay in place. Next step is mascara and I do go a little crazy with that! Hehe, I use a lot! I always curl my eye lashes a couple times for each eye and always use more than one mascara :D I find I get the best results that way, I get different great benefits from each one. Hehe, my secret is out now.

Here is what I used for the eyes:

Eye Primer -Merle Norman ~Auto shadow base
Medium -Lise Watier ~Folie Aqua (shimmer powder)
Dark -The Body Shop ~31 (peacock something...)
Highlight -Inner corner of eye, white eye pencil with Almay~Mother of Pearl shadow blended on top.
Highlight under brow -Almay ~Mother of Pearl
Liner -Maybelline gel liner ~Blackest Black with Black shadow using small angle brush
Mascaras -Maybelline ~Illegal length fiber extensions-black, Loreal ~Voluminous power collagen-blackest black, Maybelline ~Mega plush volum' express-blackest black WP
*Tip ~I like to use a waterproof mascara last to help set it and just in case I need a little help keeping it on better(tears or rain). I find that it doesn't dry out my lashes as much if the waterproof mascara isn't right on my lashes, other mascaras between. :)

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