Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sorry it's been so long, but look how cute! :)

So Sorry about how long its been since my last post!! I have lots of ideas right now and I would be doing tons of videos and posts on here if my computer was actually working :( It's been away getting fixed...again! Hopefully it'll be fixed and back soon, then I'll be able to make lots more posts!! I'm still going to try to make posts but I only have my iPhone, haha, hope they'll turn out!

Well here's a couple pictures of Coco and Biggie being super cute and loving my water cup and pink flamingo straw. Hehe I thought they were being so adorable that I had to share this and I hope it makes everyone smile!! :D

<3 br="" celia="">
P.s. I would love to get more ideas from people and talk to people who like my page more! Leave nice comments for me and I'll respond as quick as I can or email me and I'll try to reply quickly too! Thanks for reading my blog :)

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