Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bright smoky purple eye makeup *with sparkles


 Here's a really fun look! I wish my camera showed sparkles better though!
There isn't a lot of sparkles and it doesn't need to be added but it's a fun extra for going out! There is just a thin line of sparkles under the eye, it makes the eye sparkle when the light hits it and can look pretty for going out. :D

First, like always, I put a thin layer of eye primer all over lid and a thin line under the eye. Primer helps SO much! It helps eye shadow to show up way more and also helps it to stay in place all day/night! Next I put the medium shade on inner 3/4 of eye lid, just up into the crease a bit and a thin line under eye on the inner 3/4 as well. Then I blended the dark shade on outer corner, into crease and a small bit under eye on outer corner. I made sure the lines were blended because if you see sharp lines where different shadows meet it will look unfinished. To help that even more, I blended the medium shade shimmer, that matches, on top of other medium shade and blended the lines of the dark shade better. Also I blended a bit of the shimmer under the eye . After all the shadow is done I put on my gel liner with black shadow to set it and help it look smokier. Then I put on LOTS of mascara and eyes are done. :) Or if you want to make the look more fun you can always add sparkles!!
To add sparkles to this look I just used a clear gel sparkle eye liner and put a thin line under lashes, under the eye, and then put some loose sparkles or sparkle dust on top to set it, make it stay in place and make even more sparkly!  After, I had to put a bit more mascara on bottom lashes so they could be visible through sparkles, not just covered in them ;p hehe.

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