Monday, March 11, 2013

Makeup Station/desk :)

Here is my makeup station/desk that I use everyday to do my makeup :)
I have a couple office supply boxes that I use to organize my makeup and I think those help a lot. When my makeup is all stuffed in my big kit(makeup tool box) I can never find anything so I started organizing things in different boxes so I can know where everything is a lot easier. I still have to use my big makeup tool box for makeup appointments away from home but its easy to organize that before going somewhere and put things back in place when I get home. Also, I have a lot of doubles so I can just keep a bunch of things in my tool box.
Well this is just a quick post to show you how I organize my makeup station, haha it may look unorganized but everything has a place and its very easy for me to find things set up this way. I also have a couple drawers under the black shelf/desk for foundation, bronzer, blush, and makeup brushes and tools.
Hope you all like my set up and I hope you're all having a wonderful day! :) 

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