Thursday, June 10, 2010

Great look for green eyes (still good for other eye colours too)

 Here is a makeup look that im showing the steps for so its a little easier to follow.
Unless you're going clubbing, eye shadows should sort of stay in the same colour family. Pick a medium shade and a darker shade of the a similar colour and a highlight in ivory usually works with most colours.
-With a normal shadow brush put the medium shade on the inner three quarters of your eyelid, just up to your crease and not all the way to the outer corner. Also put a thin amount of the medium shade under your eye just on the inner half.
-With more of a blending brush put the dark shade in the outer corner and blend into the crease and lash line, make sure everything is blended well because it can look quite bad when you see harsh lines. Also put a thin amount of the dark shade under the eye on the outer corner, blended into the medium shade. For a more dramatic look, put some pencil liner just under the lash line and then blend the dark shadow into the liner.
-For the top eyeliner, it should be quite thin on the inner corner and start getting thicker around or just after the pupil and slightly slant up at the outer corner of your eye. Also I like to soften the edge of the liner by taking a small angle brush and putting a just bit of black shadow along it.
-I couldn't show this on the sketch but like it shows on the picture, it's always nice to have highlight on your eyes. Highlight is a little bit dramatic in this picture bit it does look nice when it's more subtle also. I just put the highlight on the inner corner, blended it into the medium shade a little and under the eyebrow blended into the dark shade.
-When you want a more dramatic look add a little bit of black shadow to the outer corner shading on lash line and crease and making sure it all blends together well. the bottom picture has just a little bit of black on it but you can see where it is darker.
Hope this helps!
            For green eyes purples, plums, and pinks will bring out the green in your eyes the most because its opposite on the colour wheel. These colours are good for other peoples eyes too but it will really make green eyes pop. Here are the colours i used: Light pink one from a set(Medium),  Highlight from a set, Merle Norman -Bordeaux(Dark), Cover Girl -Shimmering Onyx(Black). Merle Norman creme eyeliner -black, Fake lashes just on outer half of lashes.

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