Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This is my beautiful friend who let me take some pictures of her after I  had fun putting a bit of makeup on her. The first picture is a before picture, and of course, the next three are after we had way too much fun. I used golden brown colours to bring out her blue eyes more, you cant tell as much in the pictures but it really did make her eyes look a lot more blue. I also made sure to keep the rest of her makeup in warmer tones too, i didn't want to add any pinks or purples(anything with cool blue tones)because it could clash with the golden/copper tones on her eyes.
Inner three quarter of eye: Gold
Outer corner and Crease: Dark Brown(Make sure it's well blended)
Just outer corner: Black
Highlight and Inner corner: Sheer Ivory
Under eye: Outer half, put a small bit of black liner just under lash line then blend dark brown shadow into liner to soften the line. Inner half, gold shadow.
Liner-For the top eyeliner, it should be quite thin on the inner corner and start getting thicker around or just after the pupil and slightly slant up at the outer corner of your eye. Also I like to soften the edge of the liner by taking a small angle brush and putting a just bit of black shadow along it.


  1. Celia, you are so talented and such a good teacher...not to mention the greatest friend. Thank you for the do over : )

  2. Aww thank you Christina, I had way too much fun! I would love to teach you new looks everyday, hehe that would be such a fun job, I know it's something that we could always make fun! Well hopefully we'll have another makeup date soon! XOXO



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