Friday, August 17, 2012

Smokey bright eye look

Here's a summery smokey eye look that I think makes your eyes look a lot brighter and a bit more natural too :)

This look is quite easy to do! I just did my usual smokey eye with a warm light cream shade for the medium and a warm brown for the dark but under the eye I put a light golden shimmer. I used a lid primer for the lid before eyeshadow, of course, and also under the shimmer under the eye to make it show up better and stay in place better. Also never forget to put a highlight under your brow and on inner corner of the eyes to really brighten things up! :)
These pictures don't really show the shimmer under my eyes but in different lights it was pretty and shimmery! I will try this kind of look again with different colors and hopefully I can get better lighting!

See how all of the makeup I'm wearing is in warm shades, this helps to tie everything together. If I was wearing a cooler shade blush or lipstick it could look like it clashes and just doesn't match the look. Maybe for some night looks you can mix things up a bit but I think most of the time its best to keep your makeup look in either all cooler shades or all warmer shades. :)

Here's a bigger pic of my eyes so you can see more, sucks that my lashes aren't very visible in these pics with the lighting but lots of lashes always makes eyes look prettier and bigger!

I really hope my followers try this look out love it and I hope newcomers will follow too!

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