Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stuff to make you feel wonderful! :)

Good morning to all my beautiful followers! :)

This morning I'm feeling like I should spread more joy. I know it's just a simple little thing but I'm posting a bunch of quote/pictures that make me smile even when I'm down so I hope it'll help everyone else too!

I'm actually posting this from my iPhone right now because the computer I like isn't really working and the computer that is working is harder to work on so I thought a quick post from phone would be fun! ;p haha.

Well I hope everyone enjoys these and I will do a lot more makeup posts soon!! Just going for a trip to visit family today or tomorrow so there might be a little break but I'll be back with lots more looks soon! :)

P.s. The picture of the cats is mine, just thought it would be nice to send some love from them too!

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