Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Natural cat eye makeup

Here is a very easy cat eye look. I usually wear this look when I have to get ready quick or just want more natural makeup.

1) First I put on my eyebrows and eye primer with a loose powder on top. Next I put my usual highlight on under my eyebrow and on the inner corner or my eye, I like to put that on before eyeliner so the highlight wont get on the liner and mess it up. Then I put my creme eyeliner on, thin on the inner corner and gradually let it get thicker on the outer half.
2) To set the liner and help it stay without getting on eyelid I use a dark shadow and a small angle brush. When going for a more dramatic look I use a black shadow and for a lighter look like this, I used a dark brown shadow. I like the shadow over the liner a lot because it helps give it a little bit of a smokey look and makes the liner look less fake and harsh.
3) I thought I should show a couple different angles so it is easy to see where I put the liner, hope that helps!
4) For the mascara I always use more than one because I find I can get sooo much more volume this way, just be careful not to use mascaras that clump a lot. Lately I have really liked using Grow luscious by Revlon after curling my lashes, then Clump Crusher by Covergirl, and then Lashblast 24hr by Covergirl. Only the last one is waterproof to help lashes stay curled and not run if eyes water, the first two are not waterproof though because waterproof mascara can really dry out lashes and make them brittle.

Hope you all like this and try it out for a quick and easy cat eye look! :D

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