Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Step by step smokey/defined crease eye makeup

Here are a few pictures to show some steps for doing a light defined crease/smokey eye.

1) In the first picture I already have the medium shade on the inner three quarters of the eye just up to the crease and a thin line of the medium shade under the eye on the inner half. Next I put the dark shade on the outer corner and blended into the crease and also put a thin line of it under the eye on outer corner. After that I used a white eyeliner pencil to brighten the inner corner and used a good blending brush to put light shadow over the white liner to blend it more and under brow to brighten the eye.
2)I used a creme liner and made sure not to let it go too far down because that can make the eye look like its sagging. It is good to make sure the line is thin on the inner corner and gradually make it thicker on the outer corner to give more of a cat eye look.
3) With a small angle brush I put some black liner on top of the gel liner and just on the edge of it to set the liner well so it wont budge and to give it a little bit of a smokier look.
4) Before I put mascara on I ALWAYS curl my lashes! To give my lashes the most volume I also always use more than one mascara. I like to use one that is good for growing my lashes first, then a good one for thickening and lengthening, and then one that separates the lashes well and is also waterproof so the mascara will stay on better. If I go swimming I will use all waterproof but if not swimming its better to only use waterproof mascara as a top coat because it can really dry out lashes and be very difficult to take off.
5) This picture is the final look, not too dramatic but really makes my eyes look a lot more noticable. Also, I had brow pencil on already for the first picture but I put a brow powder on after and brushed it out to help set the brows and make sure it'll stay on all day.
6) Here is the eye makeup I used:
    Medium: Rimmel Stars-159 Frivolity
    Dark: Merle Norman Luxiva Lasting Eyecolor-Bordeaux
    Highlight: NYC City Duet Eyeshadow-White
    Liner: Loreal Infalible Laquer Liner 24hr-171 Blackest Black + the black shadow from the NYC City Duet eyeshadow on top
    Mascara: First coat~Revlon Grow Luscious plumping-Black, second coat~Covergirl Clump Crusher-very black, third coat~Covergirl lashblast 24hr-very black
    Brows: Rimmel brow pencil-002 Hazel + Essence eyebrow stylist set-dark brown

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